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Find out why 200+ tech companies chose Baldur Connect to help them hire at scale and with speed, all within a fixed pricing model.
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What do we do?

We help tech companies hire the talent they need the most.
We are proud to be chosen partners, to some of the world's most well-known brands and coolest start-ups.
We are made in Germany with services extending across the EU and the USA.
Within Talent we specialize in two core solutions


#cost per hire


Our core recruitment engine offers a simple, yet effective and premium service. With specialist consultants within Software Engineering, Product, Marketing & Sales, you can be sure to get the support you need on your most urgent roles.
Niche experts
Quick delivery
If any of these apply to you, then Baldur Talent Search is right for you:
1. We need to make a few hires in a tough niche
2. We have a role that has been open for a while and we just can’t find the right candidate
3. We have a niche role that needs filling urgently
If any of these apply to you, then Baldur Embedded Solution is right for you:
1. We want to grow an internal recruitment team
2. We need to hire at scale and at speed. We are going through a period of growth
3. We would prefer to pay an all-inclusive monthly fee
4. We want to build (or rebuild) our entire recruitment strategy


#subscription based


Born out of the desire to challenge convention, and provide a fit-for-purpose recruitment solution for forward-thinking tech companies. Embedded Talent gives you the power to instantly hire the most talented internal recruiters to support your technical hiring.

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Which one is right for you?

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